How To Convert Your Camcorder Tapes To A DVD

The easiest way to transfer your camcorder tapes to a DVD is by using a stand alone DVD recorder and your camcorder as a playback device. What this means is by playing your tapes in the camcorder you will send a signal to the DVD recorder via cables and make your DVD master. You will also be able to combine your camcorder tapes up to 2 hours on a DVD which makes it much easier to condense down your home movie collection. Below is a description on how to hookup your camcorder to the DVD recorder and make the conversion.

What you will need.
On your camcorder there will be audio and video outputs that are labeled by color. Yellow will be video out, red and white will be audio out. You will also need your power supply for the camera.

Once your camera is powered up and cables connected you will want to take the other end of the cables and connect them to the DVD recorder. The colors on the DVD should be the same for the inputs. Next you will want to make sure that the DVD recorder is set to the proper input so you can see the video coming through on a TV monitor. Usually the input setting can be changed on the remote of the DVD recorder. After everything is hooked up you should see your video tape playing through the DVD recorder and onto the TV monitor. Make sure you have both audio and video appearing on the TV.

Next you will want to put a DVD-R disc into your recorder and make sure it is set to record your DVD in the two hour mode. If it is set differently go to your remote and change it to the correct setting. You are now ready to make your DVD recording. Press play on the camcorder and record on the DVD recorder and you should now be recording your video tapes to DVD. The process is done in real time, so be patient. If you are combining multiple tapes it is best to use a timer to let you know when each tape ends so there is no space between your home movies. Once the DVD is full you will need to finalize the disc and move onto the next video tape.

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