Differences Between CD Duplication and CD Replication

When you are looking for a company to create multiple copies of your CD, you most likely have seen them mention CD duplication and CD replication. So what is the difference between the two types of services?

CD Duplication

When the company is talking about cd duplication they are referring to copying your media to a CD-R disc. In simple terms this is like copying a CD in your personal computer, but instead the duplication company will have a tower that can copy multiple CD’s at once. Most companies will also offer a direct to disc printing option to give your CD a more professional look to it. The quantities that most companies will duplicate is between 1 and 500 discs. The other advantage to the duplication process is that the turnaround time is usually just a few days where replication can take up to 10 days.

CD Replication

When the company is offering a cd replication service they are actually pressing the information into each disc as it is being manufactured. Not like the CD-R disc where the information is being copied onto each disc by a laser or more commonly known as burning a disc. Most companies will start there replication process at 500 or more disc. When the replication house receives your master cd they will first need to make a glass master which is used when pressing the information into each disc. It is always good to make sure the glass master fee is included in your per unit cost. Some companies will add this into your bill when your order is complete which brings up your per unit cost. The other advantage of using the replication process is they will be silk screening or offline printing onto your CD which has a higher quality look to it. The turnaround time for replication can be between 7-10 working days, so make sure you plan accordingly to allow time to meet your deadline. Rush services are available but can get very expensive.


Most people search this service on the internet by using the cities name so for example you would type in CD Duplication San Diego to look for this type of service in your area.

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