The CD and DVD Duplication Process vs The Replication Process

The CD and DVD duplication process is very similar to copying a disc on your home computer. The CD and DVD duplication tower will take the information from your master disc and input onto an internal hard drive in the tower. The big difference between making CD or DVD copies at home versus having a professional duplication company do your copies is that the company will be able to make multiple copies at one time. The duplication tower will contain several CD/DVD burners in them that can burn 100’s of copies per hour based on the file size of the disc. Once the data has been written to the CD or DVD the information will be verified by the duplication tower and the copies will be complete. CD and DVD duplication is great for short run’s of 500 disc or less and when you need them turned around in a couple of days.

The CD and DVD replication process is done by a manufacturing process. You first will have a glass master created from your master CD or DVD disc. The glass master will contain the data that was on your original master. From the glass master a Stamper will be made which is then loaded into an injection molding machine that will press the information into each disc. As the disc goes through each step it will be checked for accuracy and quality to assure each disc is exact copy of the original. Once the disc is replicated it will get a thin aluminum material applied to the bottom of the disc, then is lacquered to add an additional layer of protection. After this process is complete it will be printed on then packaged and shrink wrapped. CD and DVD replication is great when you are looking for 500 or more copies. Expect the turn around time to be between 7 to 10 business days.

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