Why Should I Convert My VHS Tapes To DVD?

Many homes across America have boxes of old VHS video tapes sitting on a shelve, in a closet or up in the attic. You do not want to through them out since they probably contain treasured old home movies from years ago. Video tapes were not designed to be able to hold up for several years like the old home movie film that is also very popular to transfer to DVD. Video tape is good for about 15 years if stored in a cool dry area. If stored improperly the magnetic particles on the tape start to fall off creating what is known as drop out and will clog the video heads on your player making it impossible to play the tape back. Your home movies could be lost forever. Also the video tapes have moving parts in them that can break or malfunction which will stop the playback of the tape.

The VCR that is used to play the VHS tapes on are no longer available if you want to buy a new one. You could end up buying a used VCR, but if it breaks most likely it will not be able to be repaired due to a lack of parts available. So if you are like some many people out there that have old family memories on VHS now is the time to transfer them to a digital format like a DVD or hard drive before it is too late. You can also have a professional home media transfer company do it for you. Many can be found on Yelp, local business directories, and search engines. Try entering a query like Video to DVD San Diego, or any city, to find a company to work with.

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