Should I Duplicate or Replicate My DVD Master Disc?

The CD/DVD replication and CD/DVD duplication process are the two most common processes in making copies. The duplication process uses a CD-R or DVD-R disc where the replication process stamps the information into a polycarbonate disc.

CD and DVD Duplicating

We have all burned a disc on our computer using a CD-R or DVD-R disc. The duplication process is not much different other than instead of using one burner, you have a tower of burners to make multiple copies. Your copies are duplicated in the duplication tower then verified that the disc was successfully burned. After the duplication process is complete you are able to print directly onto the disc and put them into the preferred packaging. The CD and DVD duplication process is great when you are doing under 500 copies and need them in a hurry.

CD and DVD Replication

The original method of copying a CD or DVD is known as replication where your data is stamped into a polycarbonate disc. A silver aluminum reflective layer is applied to the bottom of the disc so the laser can read the information. Then a lacquerer is added over the aluminum reflective layer to protect the disc. Once this process is complete the disc will be printed on by using a silk screen or offset printing then off to packaging. The replication process is going to be more cost effective when you get into the higher number of CD’s or DVD’s that you are requiring. You can do a minimum of 500 disc but the savings really start to show when you order 1000 disc or more.

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