Items You Will Need For Your Product Photography Shoot

1) Get a good sturdy table for your product. Almost any flat surface will work. It can be as simple as using a piece of plywood or old door placed on sawhorses, your kitchen table, or a large flat surface.

2) Background – This can be foam board, a white bed sheet or a white card board.

3) Stands – Century stands are great to use. You will need about 4 to 5 stands to hold up lights and a back drop.

4) Lights – Good lighting is important to achieve a nice well lit product shot. Make sure you have at least three good lights in your kit.

5) Tripod – You will want to make sure you have a sturdy tripod that is durable enough to hold your camera at any angle or level. Your tripod is very important, do not go to cheap.

6) Clamps – In most cases it will take 5- 6 good clamps with the protective rubber ends on them. If you end up using the plastic clamps it is best to cover the ends in duct tape for a better grip.

7) Lens – The lens you end up using will really depend on how big the product is you will be photographing. Also the distance you will be shooting the product from.

8) Camera – Using a good Nikon or Canon DSLR with an interchangeable lens, auto focus and auto white balance should be adequate to capture your product photographs. Many cameras come with several additional features so it is always best to refer to your cameras manual.

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