How To Restore Old Photos

If you have old photographs stored away there is a good chance that over time damage has taken its toll on them from the time they were shot until now. Most old photographs are stacked on top of each other when stored away. By storing them in a stacked position it tends to make them stick together creating them to tear when separated. The biggest problem with photos that have been stored for a long period of time is humidity. The humidity will cause the photos to stick together and curl there edges. Fading is another common problem most likely caused by exposure to the sun. Below is a step by step procedure to bring your damaged photos back to like new condition.

  1. You will want to acquire a high quality scanner. Since the price of scanners have gone down considerably you should be able to purchase one for under $100.00
  2. Once you have setup your scanner, you will want to choose a high dpi setting to scan the photograph. I would recommend scanning the photo at 1200 dpi and saving it as a jpeg or tiff. Before scanning any photos make sure the glass of the scanner is dust free.
  3. Choose a good photo editing software like Photoshop to do your restoration.
  4. Import the photo into your editing software and adjust the basic editing levels for brightness and darkness. Make adjustment to colors removing any red tint that may be visible. Adjust the contrast for photos that are washed out.
  5. If your photo has scratches on it magnify the photo so you can fix the damaged area. Use the dust and scratches filter and work slowly to repair the scratched areas.
  6. If there are missing pieces of the photo, open the clone stamp tool and select the part of the photo you want to clone. Then take your cursor to the area you want to clone. Apply carefully and fill the area of the photo.
  7. Crop out any torn edges by using the crop tool.
  8. Save the finished image and make a test print to see if you are satisfied with your work.  When you are ready to make your final print use glossy paper for the best looking results.

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