Setting the Mood in Commercial Photography

When attempting to achieve a certain result, a photographer cannot simply use a white background. Minimalism can sometimes work in commercial photography, but more often than not a specific atmosphere will need to be set. Getting a background setting that accentuates the advertised product is a crucial role for any photographer working in the commercial field. Knowing how to setup iconic surroundings requires a little practice.

To start, play with the lighting and see what looks best. Home lighting does not always provide the best results. Try using colored bulbs or experiment with different levels of brightness. Once the lighting is just right, you can move on to supporting background features.

Objects that backup the product are a common tool used in commercial photography. Flower arrangements and other organic support materials are some of the most popular background objects, but different ornaments can be used as well. For instance, if the product is a lawn chair, you could set the stage with a pool, barbecue pit and pink flamingos. Only use props that are relative to your product. You would not want to setup a lawn chair shoot in front of a tidal wave.

Getting the right lighting and setting a proper scene for the product are the most basic tasks when photographing for commercial purposes. Be sure to experiment with each step until you find what looks right.

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